Jervis Bay

Last Friday, we  went on an exciting trip to Jervis Bay to meet the Park Services Manager of Booderee National Park, Dr Martin Fortescue. He has been working in the park for more than 25 years and intensively studied Little Penguins on Bowen Island between 1987 and 1997. He seems to know everything about the island and its penguin population, which will make my work so much easier! Unfortunately, we did not make it out to the island on that day, but got lots of detailed information anyway.

We stayed in Jervis Bay for the weekend, which was great, too. It allowed us to see quite a bit of Booderee National Park, including a 15km hike around St George’s Head, where we saw some seals relaxing in the water, a trip to the old lighthouse and a walk at Cave Beach, where we spotted our first Australian snake:

A Diamond Python (Morelia spilota) at Ryans Swamp near Cave Beach, Booderee National Park