Conference in Fiji

If you’d like to get an impression of the Society for Conservation Biology’s Oceania Conference in Fiji, which I’ve attended last month, head over to the Sydney-SCB website and check it out!



Penguin project in the making

Hi everyone,

I’m now well into the last year of my PhD, writing up my thesis and thinking about what will happen ‘after’.
One interesting and worrying fact that came to light while I was investigating the Little Penguins of Lion Island is that the colony is in steep decline since the 1990s. We’re not sure what’s causing the decline, especially given that the neighbouring colony at Manly is doing fine. To facilitate monitoring while giving the penguins good nesting habitat, the Sydney Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology is setting up a penguin project, starting with a nest-box building workshop in the near future. The boxes will then be deployed on Lion Island while the bush care group gets rid of invasive vegetation.

Please e-mail for more information on the project if you’re keen to join the penguin working group.