More penguin news!

It’s a great start of the year for our penguins, at least in terms of news coverage.

Australian Geographic and the UNSW newsroom simultaneously released a story about a spotted little penguin we had encountered on Bowen Island in November. You can read the articles here:

When we came across this little fellah on my third visit to Bowen Island, we were very excited to be able to sample his DNA and were hoping to see it again on the last visit to the island, but unfortunately it had already fledged, gone out to sea, and will not return to Bowen Island for at least a year, more likely 2-3 years. I wish the piebald penguin the best of luck on its travels and hope it survives despite its unusual colouration, which makes it an easy target to birds of prey. Keep your fingers crossed we will get to see it again, alive!


The piebald penguin on Bowen Island, Jervis Bay

The piebald penguin on Bowen Island, Jervis Bay
Photo: Katie Surrey-Bergman